Systems design and strategic thinking

Ag-Connectors designs or engages in projects with a strategic and systemic perspective.

With our knowledge of agricultural production and innovation, food production, processing, distribution, trade and marketing, we co-design strategies and projects to improve the quality of life of women, girls and youth.      

We build awareness of our partners of the broader contexts into which they operate and build connections across multiple players, from young farmers to policy makers and international organizations and fora.

What we offer      

We take into account the global picture and fine nuances  in regional and country contexts, and respond to gaps in the food systems from seed to fork.

We have a network across many countries working as multi-disciplinary teams. This network is built on trust developed over years of working together; as a result, we can respond quickly to new opportunities. We offer a cost-effective approach to ensuring impact.

Ensuring accountability through social-impact measurement

Ag-Connectors uses  social-impact indicators to drive its work and  offer insights into improvements in the quality of life of women, girls and youth. These indicators facilitate learning on the effectiveness of our interventions and provide our financial partners with information on the social impact of their investments, in terms of the quality of life of our target groups.

Connect with us

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