Coaching and Mentoring

Ag-Connectors works with local organizations especially women-led and youth-led to  design capacity development programs with integrated learning matrices to measure and track changes in individual skills, organisations’ operation and culture and institutional impact.

Together with our partners, we focus on strengthening community organizations and the local private sector. With our local presence, we have strong linkages with the national government and business leaders to foster greater ownership over development processes.

What we offer

We offer customized and targeted learning programs integrating gender empowerment indicators measured throughout the capacity development process. Our coaches and mentors are skilled from years of hands-on experience in accompanying behavioural change and harnessing opportunities for sustainable development. 

We leverage on strengths to design and implement projects that enhance empowerment and produce irreversible changes in the quality of life of women, girls, and youth. 

We facilitate collaborative learning between various partners in different regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America), creating opportunities for all of them. We link partners with private companies and provide them with design and coaching services. If deliverables and impact do not meet expectations, or management constraints hamper progress, we identify and solve the problems in an effective manner, respecting the responsibilities of the stakeholders.   

Conducting gender-vulnerability assessments

Ag-Connectors assists in conducting in-depth gender research based on which interventions can be planned. Often, informal rules and norms prevent women and girls from participating in agricultural markets. These mostly hidden rules can be understood through gender-vulnerability assessments. Such assessments show the vulnerability of women and girls to threats such as poverty, loneliness or insecurity. They reveal the barriers to market participation, and how the women deal with these barriers.

Ensuring the quality of interventions through social-impact measurement

To enhance household income opportunities, we carry out household and (labour) market analyses. Such analyses not only improve the quality of the interventions, they also provide the baseline data for measuring social impact.

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